Friday, October 16, 2009

Taiji Symbol VS S&P 500 Chart (Sep 07 - Oct 09)

The above shows the S&P chart from the start of current bear market to now. For Oct 07 to May 08, signified the start of the bear market(tail of the black fish of the Taiji Symbol). For May 08 to Mar 09, signified the bear market is in the mid stage(body of the black fish). For Mar 09 to now, signified that some recovery on the way(Eye of the black fish). My guess the last stage will be a downtrend that will bring the index lower than Mar 09(Head of the black fish). This is just my own interpretation, so there is no right or wrong for it.

This symbol tells me that everything will have a slow start, accelerated growth and peak. Remember the important point is slow start, whether it is a bear or bull market. If you can identify the start points, you will be slowly be rich. For market that goes up or down too quickly, there will be a reverse in direction in no time. If you see that, it is important to clear your postion(whether long or short) before the reverse in direction.

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