Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do I need an iPhone?

Presently I am carrying a simple nokia phone. As my contract is going to end soon, I will need to decide whether to get an iPhone now or just stick with another simple phone. I am considering three factors as shown below.

Price Plan:
Currently I am paying about $16 per month for my mobile plan which does not include data usage. At the moment, the cheapest mobile plan for iPhone is around $36. That will be an extra $20 per month of what I am paying now.

Cost of Phone:
Currently the price of an iPhone is around $500 to $600 plus under the cheapest mobile plan. If I don’t choose to buy an iPhone, I might be getting a simple phone for free by recontracting my current mobile plan.

Expectation of Phone:
Basically I need a phone that can call, sms and take good pictures. I do not need internet connection so iPhone is quite useless to me. And furthermore there are other phones that can take better photographs than iPhone.

Based on the three factors, I will not be getting an iPhone as it is not cost effective and does not add any value to me.


ZhuKoLiang said...

hi, your above post is exactly exactly the same as my opinion for myself!! i wonder if you have copied from me.. :P (jz kidding)

Freedom Achiever said...

Hi ZhuKoLiang,

I suppose bright mind thinks alike :).

Freedom Achiever

Eric See said...

I think iPhone takes good picture. With internet connection, you can check for bus arriving time, traffic jam.

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