Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lifelong Asset Skills

Lifelong asset skills are skills that you have learnt and be able to benefit from it throughout your life even at old age. These skills seldom get obsolete and these include learning to play a piano and mastering a few foreign languages which are normally not taught in school.

These skills have to be trained at a very young age as they will get harder when you get older. In the past, when I was young, I am not able to be exposed to these skills and it is almost impossible for me to learn them now.

However as a father now, I would like to expose my toddler to these lifelong asset skills. So instead of buying expensive toys or clothes for my daughter, or buying expensive gadgets for myself (yes, no iPhone for me), I would rather spend more money to enrol my daughter to these courses. I am hoping that she is able to master one or two such skills, so that she will be benefitted from them in the future.


About said...
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Royston said...

I think investment is a great lifelong asset skill. :)

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